What forms of gambling are legal to play in Ohio?

Problem GamblingRegulated forms of gaming vary in cities, counties, and the state. Consumers should be aware of the legal forms in their area. In Ohio, legal forms include charitable gaming such as instant bingo, bingo, raffles and games of chance. Other legal forms include betting at horse races, the state lottery, video lottery terminals (VLTs) at race tracks, Keno, casinos and skill-based amusement machines. Find more information at ohiolottery.com, casinocontrol.ohio.gov, racing.ohio.gov and ohioattorneygeneral.gov.

What forms of gambling are illegal to play in Ohio?

Some examples of illegal forms of gambling are dog fights, craps/dice, Internet-based gambling, Internet cafes, betting on sports/games, office pools, and private poker gaming in an unregulated establishment (this includes your own home).

Internet-based gambling is illegal in most states, but the rules are changing quickly. While it’s recognized that there are Internet-based sites (usually hosted internationally) on which to gamble, the exchange of funds beyond state borders is what creates problems related to legality. To date, only a couple of states have established legal means of Internet-based gambling within their state borders. In order to ensure your safety and avoid criminal charges, you should be mindful of the laws and rules related to Internet-based gambling in your state. In Ohio, there are currently no legal forms of Internet-based gambling. You can find more information at gamblingandthelaw.com and gambling-law-us.com.

Where can I find help for problem gambling?

Problem GamblingTreatment is available. For confidential support in Lake and Geauga Counties, call Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers at (440) 255-0678 or statewide call The Ohio Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-589-9966. Help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Can people self-ban from the casinos? What is the process?

Yes. This process is known as self-exclusion. There are several ways to self- exclude. If you self-exclude at one casino in Ohio you are automatically excluded from all the other casinos in the state. Each of these gaming establishments has a program, as do the racinos. Exclusions are possible for 1 year, 5 years or life. Visit http://www.casinocontrol.ohio.gov/ResponsibleGambling.aspx to learn more about the Casino Control Commission Voluntary Exclusion Program.