Ambulatory Detox

Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers Ambulatory DetoxLake-Geauga Recovery Centers offers ambulatory detox for individuals struggling with opiate addiction and withdrawal. This non-narcotic management of opiate withdrawal provides an alternative to suboxone and provides medications to assist individuals with the intensely uncomfortable, but non-life threatening, withdrawal symptoms.

Interested individuals may visit any Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers’ Outpatient office in order to complete an intake and begin the process. Licensed counselors will meet with the individual, complete the regular intake procedure, including assessment of their current stage of withdrawal and readiness to engage in treatment services. Individuals will then meet with a healthcare professional to be medically assessed and prescribed medications for symptom control of opiate withdrawal.

The goal is for clients to be engaged in a therapeutic level of care at Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers during, or at the conclusion of the ambulatory detox.

It is strongly recommended that individuals have a family member, loved one or significant other accompany them through every step of this process to offer valuable support and hope.