EducationThe Education Program is designed to benefit those interested in gaining further knowledge and insight into the disease of addiction and options for prevention and recovery.

The Education Program is an intensive, 8-hour class offering a positive learning experience filled with research based data. It provides education, encourages discussion, and helps participants gain awareness and understanding.

Education Program benefits for participants

  • Saturday hours improve accessibility and do not interfere with school or work schedules.
  • One day training facilitates quicker return to work for those required to complete an educational program.
  • Program instructors are certified, trained professionals.
  • Full day format allows greater opportunities to interact with other participants.

This comprehensive program covers topics such as: effects and consequences of use, abuse, and dependency; family systems, codependency, relationships, and social, legal, and financial consequences.

Program Content

The Education Program provides data and information about the problem of substance use, abuse, and dependency. Topics discussed include:

  • Substance use
  • Substance abuse
  • Substance dependency
  • The disease concept
  • Denial and coping mechanisms
  • Definitions
  • Misconceptions/myths
  • How use/abuse interferes with life roles and tasks
  • Review of commonly abused legal and illegal drugs
  • Prescription drug use and abuse
  • Effects on families
  • Use, abuse dependency at work
  • Problem identification

The program presentation includes a variety of materials such as: PowerPoint slides, pre/post tests, videos, education evaluation, and handouts on statistics, coping mechanisms, effects of alcohol on males and females, progressive effects, and problem identification. Additional literature is made available. Certificates are provided upon completion.

Who Can Benefit

The Education Program provides an overview of substance use, abuse, and dependency that can be an important first step in understanding this complex problem. It is helpful for:

  • Those concerned about family members or friends
  • Employees with a positive drug screen at work
  • Anyone referred by law enforcement, a judge, or attorney
  • Educators, at all levels, concerned about students
  • Clergy
  • Parents
  • Anyone concerned about his/her own use.

Please contact the Mentor or Chardon office for class schedule and cost.

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