Mike Link Driver Intervention

Lake-Geauga Recovery CentersThe Mike Link Driver Intervention Program is held at beautiful Camp Burton in Geauga County. No matter the season, it is a place to get away from the challenges of your busy life and focus on yourself. There is time to reflect, learn, understand – and even have a laugh or two.

The residential cottages, meeting rooms and dining facilities are all located on the 200 acre camp grounds.

The Mike Link Driver Intervention Program is a state certified driver intervention program conducted by licensed professionals as part of Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers, Inc.

“I will take a lot from this program. It was an experience I will never forget.”

“This program exceeded my expectations in many ways”

“Helped me out more than I expected. Really opened my eyes. Exceptional program.”

The seventy-two hour program is an alternative to jail as stipulated in the impaired motorist sections of the Ohio Revised Code.

Individual and group counseling help participants focus on both the conviction and the problems that caused it.

An individual screening helps participants distinguish between “social use” and “problem use.”

The Mike Link Driver Intervention Program is first and foremost a teaching program.

Education and discussion topics include:

  • Impairment and the Law
  • Patterns of Consumption
  • Medical Aspects
  • Social Aspects
  • The Family
  • Recovery and Resources

Our staff members have a wide range of professional and personal experience in the areas of substance abuse.

The program begins at 4:30 PM on Thursday and concludes at 5:00PM on Sunday.

Throughout the entire weekend, a professional lead counselor provides education, encourages discussion, invites questions, and helps participants gain personal insight beyond the legal consequences of the circumstance that brought them to the program.

The program also includes

  • Presentations by
  • legal and law enforcement experts
  • addictions counselors, and people in recovery.
  • Video presentations
  • Group sessions
  • Individual sessions

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