Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers Services

Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers ServicesLake-Geauga Recovery Centers offers an array of services designed to help our clients achieve a positive and sober lifestyle.

The first step is to start the intake process.

Ambulatory Detox

Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers offers ambulatory detox for individuals struggling with opiate addiction and withdrawal. Learn More

Drug Free Safety Program

Under the new Drug-Free Safety Program, all new hires and new supervisors must receive employee education and/or supervisor training within 8 weeks of hire or promotion. Learn More


In response to requests from the judicial, business, and treatment communities, Lake-Geauga now offers an eight hour Education Program on the third Saturday of each month. The program is open to anyone interested in gaining further knowledge and insight into the disease of addiction and options for prevention and recovery. Learn More

Family Program

The Family Program is open to spouses, partners, parents, siblings, other relatives and friends who are interested in learning about substance abuse and how it affects them, to learn coping skills and to gain insight into how to support a chemically dependent family member. Learn More

Grief Support Group

Anyone who has experienced the sudden loss of a loved one through drugs or alcohol knows that society treats that type of death in a much different manner than a death from other causes. Learn More

Medication Assisted Treatment

Opioid addiction is treatable and many can regain healthy and productive lives and renewed relationships with family and friends. Learn More

Mike Link Driver Intervention

The Mike Link Driver Intervention Program is a state certified driver intervention program conducted by licensed professionals as part of Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers, Inc. Learn More

Outpatient Services

Our Outpatient Services include assessments, drug testing, counseling (individual and group) as well as dual diagnosis. Learn More


The Center provides a message of hope and recovery for the community through education programs designed to increase knowledge and understanding about the disease of addiction and options for prevention and recovery. Learn More

Recovery Housing

For individuals seeking a safe, sober and healthy living environment following the completion of primary treatment, the Center offers Recovery Housing. Learn More

Residential Treatment Programs

Our residential treatment programs offer a place to recover, heal and begin a new life in sobriety and hope. Learn More

Tobacco Cessation

Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers offers assistance to help those who want to quite their use of tobacco products with one-on-one tobacco cessation counseling services with independently licensed therapists. Learn More