Drug Free Safety Program

Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers Drug Free Safety ProgramOhio’s Drug-Free Safety Program helps employers more effectively prevent on-the-job injuries and illness by integrating drug-free efforts into their overall workplace safety program. The DFSP can help employers achieve both long-range safety and cost-saving benefits. Participants will learn about Policy Development, Education and Training, Supervisor Training and Employee Education

The Drug-Free Safety Program saves lives, is cost effective and will help employers assist and retain valuable employees.  Benefits to business owners include:

  • On average, each substance abusing employee costs the employer $7,000.00 annually
  • Substance abusers are 33% to 50% less productive than non-abusers
  • Abusers are 3.6 times more likely to have an accident on the job
  • Substance abusers are 5 times more likely to file a workers’ compensation claim

Under the new Drug-Free Safety Program, all new hires and new supervisors must receive employee education and/or supervisor training within 8 weeks of hire or promotion.  Benefits of going drug-free in the workplace are:

  • Reduce losses from absenteeism, theft, fraud
  • Fewer disciplinary actions & accidents
  • Reduced costs of insurance claims
  • Earlier identification & resolution of problems
  • Improved employee morale and productivity

To learn more about the Drug Free Safety Program at Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers contact us.

Learn more about the program from the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation.