Strategic Plan FY23 – FY26

Strategic Goal 1

Strengthen the agency’s community focus commitment through expansion of services and improved communication.

Objective:  Explore serving special populations.

Objective: Expand services by opening an outpatient office in South East Geauga County.

Objective: Develop plan to communicate better internally and be consistent in conducting processes.

Objective: Develop external marketing plan to promote our services and outcomes.

Strategic Goal 2

Focus on desired outcomes to ensure high quality of service.

Objective:  Improve the agencies outcomes, enhance and analyze data reporting.

Objective:  Build and maintain respect for desired outcomes into the agency culture.

Strategic Goal 3

Enhance the employee experience by improving recruitment, training and retention.

Objective:  Position supervisors to lean the best ways to proactively motivate, encourage, challenge, support and teach.

Objective:  Develop an onboarding process that invest in the success of new employees.

Objective: Develop a coordinated strategy for building and retaining talent.