1,000 Years of Addiction Recovery

In celebration of Recovery Month 2012, Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers hosts Recovery Walks in Lake and Geauga Counties. This year the goal is to recognize 1,000 years of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction and restored lives and families and hope.Staff 024

 Walk participants are invited to record their first names, last initials, and years in recovery.  Volunteers tally the years and announce the results at the end of the walks.

 The Lake County walk on September 8 begins and ends at Oak House, a residential facility for women in recovery, at 796 Oak Street, Painesville and steps off at 11:00AM. 

 On September 29 at 11:00AM, the Geauga County Walk begins at the Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers offices at 209 Center Street. It is a gentle 2 mile stroll through the City of Chardon. Refreshments are provided after both events.

 All are invited to join and add their years of recovery to the count.

 Melanie Blasko, President & CEO of Lake Geauga Recovery Centers Inc., says, “National Recovery Month is about celebrating people in recovery, those close to them, and the treatment providers that help them.”

Lake Walk 2011 021 This year’s National Recovery Month theme, “It’s Worth It!” highlights the importance of recovery and treatment for substance use disorders.  People suffering from substance use disorders can be especially affected by stresses from external factors such as the workplace and economic uncertainty. Stress related to these factors can create tensions and pressures on them as well as their family, friends, and coworkers. Recovery helps people cope with such pressures.

 Services offered through Lake Geauga Recovery Centers, Inc. include outpatient and residential treatment as well as prevention services. “Frequently people need family counseling, job training, or help paying for services,” Blasko noted. “Our team can help on all of those fronts.”

 Lake Geauga Recovery Centers, Inc. is funded by Lake County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board and The Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services. Established by Ohio statute, the boards are responsible for planning, funding, and evaluating area mental health and recovery services. The agency also receives funding from Way Services of Lake and Geauga Counties.

 For more information please contact Wendy Dixon at 440-205 2661 or visit our web site at lgrc.us.


Lake-Geauga hosted two walks for Recovery Month.

 Sort of at the last minute, we came up with the idea of trying to reach a combined 1,000 years of recovery among all the participants. Staff 056

 There was little time to promote this, so here are the results.

 The Lake County walk began in dark and stormy weather.  Even so, among the VERY enthusiastic group, there was a combined total of 88,312 days or 241.95 years of recovery.

 In Geauga County, there were 93,266 days or 255.52 years of recovery.

 The grand total was 181,578 days or 497.47 years of recovery.

 Almost 500 years!!!