• Approximately 2 million Americans are gambling addicts with another 6-8 million Americans experiencing life problems directly related to their gambling.
  • Problem gambling rates among teens and young adults have been shown to be 2-3 times that of adults.
  • Some form of legalized gambling is available in 48 states. The only two states that prohibit gambling are Utah and Hawaii.
  • Approximately 85 percent of Americans have gambled at least once in their lives; 60 percent have gambled in the previous year.
  • Problem gambling and problems related to gambling double within 50-60 miles of a new casino.
  • It is estimated that every problem gambler will directly and negatively impact the lives of at least 7 other people.

Of all Problem Gamblers:

  • 70% Will Commit Illegal Acts
  • 20% Will File for Bankruptcy
  • 20% Attempt Suicide
  • 20% Will Get Divorced
  • 7% of Gamblers Create 50% of All Casino Revenue